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5G is still a few years away so why should operators care about it now?

At first glance, it seems ridiculous to expect mobile operators to start devoting attention to 5G now. 3G, let alone 4G, coverage remains incomplete in many markets, 5G standards have not been completed and even the most enthusiastic backers of the technology don’t expect commercial deployments to begin for a few more years … (read more)

How to get ready for 5G and meet the challenge of operationalising

Deployment of 5G involves a very different approach to that seen in previous network upgrades. In reality, this isn’t an upgrade but a re-imagining of what a mobile network is and what it can do. Preparing for 5G deployment will therefore be markedly different to earlier cellular generation upgrade preparation. A large part of the difference is because 5G deployment begins with establishing business rather than technical goals … (read more)

What’s the real deal for early 5G deployments?

While there’s a lot of excitement about the eventual applications for 5G mobile networks which include remote surgery and rich video interactions with virtual reality, the actual reality is that early applications of the technology will be much more familiar both to operators and their customers … (read more)

Where is the money to make sense of 5G investments?

The investment model for 5G has an advantage over previous generations because it builds on existing mobile operator investments in cloud and IT platforms that are being made independently of 5G. Each of these have their own justifications in the pre-5G era but will have greater relevance and applicability when 5G arrives and that helps make the case for investing in 5G … (read more)